Quality First Scholarship

Quality First Scholarship

Leading Edge Academy Preschool has a 5 star rating with Quality First. As such, participants can apply to receive a scholarship from Quality First/Valley of the Sun United Way to cover the tuition costs. To better serve the needs of communities, Quality First Scholarships are funded directly by regional councils. The regional councils identify priorities through a strategic planning process that includes reviewing the needs and assets of the community.

A participants tuition rates and fees do not affect the Quality First reimbursement rate. Fees include all costs above and beyond the program’s tuition rate.

If the Quality First reimbursement rate is less than the amount our program charges for tuition and fees, we may decide to charge a copayment to families. Families will be responsible for paying the amount by which your tuition rate plus fees exceeds the scholarship paid on the families’ behalf.

If the Quality First Scholarship reimbursement rate is more than the amount your program charges for tuition and fees, then the family should not be charged a copay. It is recommended that the additional scholarship funds above and beyond the tuition be used to support your ongoing quality improvement efforts.

Scholarship reimbursement is based on a child’s scheduled hours of instruction. Programs must be open for children to attend in person at least 400 hours over the course of one year and at least 34 hours in a month to be eligible for part time scholarship reimbursement. Programs must be open for children to attend in person at least 1,120 hours over the course of one year and at least 93 hours in a month to be eligible for full-time reimbursement. Full-time scholarships are most often used for full-time care but a full-time scholarship can be split into two part-time scholarships.

Who can apply for a Quality First Scholarship

1. Any Family below the federal poverty level

     Family of 2: $36,620

     Family of 3: $46,060

     Family of 4: $55,500

     Family of 5: $64,940

     Family of 6: $74,380

     Family of 7: $83,820

Application Process:

2. Complete scholarship application, attach tax records and earned income documentation.

3. Deliver or email application and supporting documents to the facility director ( jjohnson@leadpreschool.com , 480.567.8779 ).

4. The billing department will process your application.

5. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive a Family Award Notification letter that lists my scholarship award and the monthly reimbursement amount that the center will receive for that QF scholarship.

6. You must bring your child to school at least 85% of the time.

7. If you move centers, the scholarship does not follow you, you must reapply for a scholarship at that center.  

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