Curriculum & Daily Schedule

Our programs have been specifically designed to meet the needs of each child through creative learning. Program features include a variety of themes and activities.


We are currently using curriculum from Experience Early Learning. This used to be Mother Goosetime, they changed their name in 2023.

At Experience Early Learning, we are a team of innovators, entrepreneurs, educators and creative spirits working together to make a difference in the lives of children across the world. We’re driven by a shared passion for igniting curiosity and a joy for learning.


We believe that everything we design can inspire children to become the authors of their own unique learning stories, and that adults and educators are on a journey, too! By walking hand in hand with children, we can learn and grow together.


As children construct knowledge through everyday experiences, you can use our tools to help extend their learning as they explore the classroom, community, and diverse, beautiful world around them.

We offer many opportunities to express creativity through singing, poetry and crafts. Music is implemented in many areas as it is a very important element of learning.

The importance of reading is expressed through a collection of
children’s books and reading activities.

Guided play is such an important part of developing social and language skills.
Planned experiments, gardening and sensory activities are all part of our science learning.
Games and manipulatives are provided to introduce math skills.
Fine and gross motor development is encouraged through outdoor play as well as organized activities. Learning Centers are also included in class time each day and provide a hands-on experience!
Special Events take place all year including: Fairytale Party, Fall Fun Day, Christmas Program, Spring Fun Day, Petting Zoo and Graduation program for the Pre-K classes.

Daily Schedule

Preschool/PreK Class Time:

✓ Welcome/Music
✓ Circle Time
✓ Playground/PE
✓ Learning Centers
✓ Music & Movement
✓ Snack (provided)
✓ Group Activity
✓ Circle Time
✓ Clean up / Pick Up

After School Program:

The students will enjoy a break from academics through recess and a snack (provided) before going in to get started on homework. This is the perfect time to get assistance from peers and staff. Once homework is completed, they will be given recreational opportunities which include organized outdoor/indoor games and activities, arts and crafts, and fun with friends!

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